To train and ordain ministers, healers, teachers, counselors, missionaries and all others interested in fostering the ideal of the human brotherhood under the Supreme Entity, the One Ever Living / Loving God.

To function as a spiritual church, center, university & policy making organization constantly striving for the truths incorporated on our principles & teaching that the highest morality is contained in the Golden Rule.

To investigate, study, teach and experiment with an open mind the several phases of Psychic or Intuitive Phenomena and Spirit Communication.

To organize, establish and maintain spiritual teaching churches, centers, and meeting places for the study and diffusion of Spiritual Truth, exchanging views, encouraging advanced thought and applying the fruits of spiritual knowledge for human betterment.

To encourage and promote all phases of extension work including auxiliary churches and centers with the meetings, classes and personal Ministry, and to unite with all persons of living good-will for the extension of the gospel of Spiritual Truth.

There are, of course, specific differences among many New Age, New Thought and Spiritual organizations both in statements of faith and in techniques of operation.  However, there are certain basic principles on which most agree.  These are concerned primarily with the nature of God.  They are also united in the conviction that the purpose of spirituality is to achieve the good life in the here and now, in short, that our highest objective ought to be the attainment of health, happiness, success, prosperity, and freedom from guilt and worry, all of which is intended to place the communicant in profound rapport with all living things, especially his fellow human beings.


To teach, encourage and promote Divine or Spiritual Healing in all its modes and phases.

To support worship of the Almighty God and strengthen each individual’s seeking to know the pathway to eternal progression and expansion of peace, love, unity, education, and brotherhood.

To teach people to come into a conscious realization of the divinity within, and the unity of God and man, so that out of the sublimity of our souls we can say, “We are All Connected” “We are All One” This is to be done through instruction in all phases of spirituality, philosophy, education, and higher values.